How can I sign up?
You can sign up for Pawz and Bonez doggy daycare by speaking to one of our team and arranging an interview for your dog. You can do this by calling us on 01628 882785 or emailing us at 

Will my dog be left on their own?
Whilst in our care, your dog will never be alone. Our team supervise all of the dogs during playtime, lunchtime and even naptime to ensure that they are always happy and safe. 

Do you separate the dogs by size?
At Pawz and Bonez we choose not to separate our dogs. Dog breeds come in a huge variety of sizes, and we believe that learning to be comfortable around very large, or very small dogs is an important part of socialisation. 

Do you keep puppies separately?
As with human children, puppies can be boisterous and loud! Learning what is and isn’t appropriate behaviour is important for puppies, and mixing them in with our grown-up dogs is a great way for them to learn how to greet, play and generally interact with other dogs in a safe environment.  

Are you insured?
Yes, we are a fully insured five-star facility. 

How do you know that all the dogs will get on?
As with humans, every dog is different and while most dogs love being at daycare, there will be a few who find it all too much! In order to ensure all of our dogs get along, we invite them along for an interview where they will be slowly introduced to the Pawz and Bonez team and their new canine chums. If a dog isn’t comfortable with this, we will know straight away and will advise their owners of alternative ways of socialising/exercising their dog that may be more appropriate. 

Do you accept puppies?
Pawz and Bonez is delighted to welcome your puppy to our daycare one week after they have received their second set of puppy vaccinations. 

Do you accept older dogs?
At Pawz and Bonez we believe that an old dog can always learn new tricks. We are happy to accept senior pooches and even provide them with a special senior doggy den where they can put their paws up for a snooze without any youngsters disturbing them. 

My dog isn't neutered/spayed, can they still come to Pawz and Bonez?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept unneutered males after they have reached 8 months of age. We do not require that bitches be spayed to attend Pawz and Bonez, but they will not be allowed to attend daycare during the two to three weeks that they are in season.

Will my dog be safe while at Pawz and Bonez?
Your dog is in excellent hands at Pawz and Bonez, we've got staff members who are certified providers of Canine First Aid (we have canine aid kits on site) and we have partnered with a fantastic local vet if any emergencies arise. Your dog does not leave the Pawz and Bonez site between the time you drop them off and pick them up, and the large field that we use to play with the dogs is fully enclosed by close-board fencing or double-layered wire fencing to prevent any Houdini hounds from going on an adventure. 

Do you only accept well-trained dogs?
Whether or not your dog is trained will not affect how they perform in their interview. At Pawz and Bonez we do basic obedience training with all of our dogs so we are happy to accept blank canvases who need a bit of work. It is very important that you make us aware of any shortcomings in your dog’s training repertoire when filling in our application form so that we know which areas to focus on.

Which training methods do you use?
At Pawz and Bonez we only use positive reinforcement, this means rewarding the 'good' behaviours and ignoring the 'bad' ones. This will help your pup learn that 'naughty' behaviours get them no attention whatsoever. We do not (and will never!) use any kind of punishment system at our doggy daycare!

Will my dog be fed at Pawz and Bonez?
If your dog usually has lunch or a snack, feel free to send them along with a packed lunch. Please note that you do not need to supply a bowl for them to eat out of.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated to attend Pawz and Bonez?
Yes, your dog will be required to have completed their puppy vaccinations, as well as having had their scheduled booster vaccinations. We also require that your dog is inoculated against Kennel Cough before attending our daycare. We do ask that Clients allow us to make a copy of their dog’s vaccination record upon enrolment, and after each following vaccination the dog receives.

My work schedule often changes week to week, will my dog lose their place if I do not book regular days?
We offer flexible doggy daycare to fit your schedule, so as long as your dog attends at least once every week we do not mind which days they attend. That being said, it is very important to pre-book your days as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.

Do you do overnight dog boarding?
We do not offer overnight boarding from the Pawz and Bonez site, but we have trusted local hosts who can offer boarding for your dog direct from our daycare. Your precious pooch will be chauffeured straight from our daycare to stay in their host's cosy home. They will then be returned to Pawz and Bonez in the morning, ready for you to pick them up or to enjoy another day at daycare! 

Do you offer a pick up/drop off service?
If you require your dog to be picked up or dropped off, please speak to us and see what we can offer you.

What happens if my dog falls ill while at Pawz and Bonez?
We are prepared for any scenario like that. As the first call, we will endeavour to make direct contact with you but if we are unable to reach you and your dog needs urgent medical attention, we are partnered with a reputable local veterinary clinic.

I’ve heard that not all doggy daycares have staff who are trained in Canine First Aid, what about Pawz and Bonez?
All of our full time staff have been trained and certified to provide canine first aid by The Canine First Aid Company.

What time is drop off/pick up?
We welcome our doggy clients from 7:30am and our gates close at 6:30pm. 

What are your prices?
We offer competitively priced dog care services, please check our rates for doggy day care and field hire.  

I have more than one dog, do you have special rates?
Yes! If two or more dogs from the same family attend together, they receive a discounted rate. Please speak to us to find out more about our multi-dog offers. 

What is a "Sofa Friendly Policy"?
At Pawz and Bonez we have a ‘Sofa-Friendly Policy’. This means that your pooch will be returned to you after every daycare session in a suitable state to lie on a pristine white sofa and not leave a mark! Your precious pet will enjoy a spruce up in our Spa after playtime so that their paws, legs, tummy and face are clean and dry; ready to curl up for a snooze at home.