Demi is a lover of all animals. In her spare time, she is kept busy with her six pets. Two of which are Siberian Huskies named Katana and Misty. She thoroughly enjoys taking them for long walks and grooming them. If you can’t find her hanging out with the huskies, you will probably find her at the stables exercising her horses, she owns two, one is a cob called Mr Blue and the other is a thoroughbred called Piper. Lastly, but by no means least in her collection of furry friends she has a rabbit called Twix and a hamster called Snowdrop. As you can probably tell she is animal crazy!

Working at Paws and Bones has provided her with the opportunity to work with many different breeds of dogs which come in so many different shapes and sizes. As well as all of the lovely dogs she has the opportunity to work with some fantastic people.

She enjoys working in this fun and loving environment, where everyone’s mission is to work together, “for the love of dogs!”.