Our custom-designed indoor space allows your dog to rest and refuel between playtimes. Furnished with deluxe doggy beds and featuring air conditioning/central heating systems, we provide your pooch with every comfort they could dream of. Our motto, “For the love of dogs” comes from the fact that Pawz and Bonez was inspired by our love for our own dogs and is central to everything we do at Pawz and Bonez. We understand that every dog is different and allow them to celebrate their individuality by offering a variety of daily activities. Be it obedience training, playing fetch, learning canine agility, or simply enjoying a cuddle, there is something for every dog at Pawz and Bonez. 


If you would like to come and have a look at our five-star facilities, get in touch now!


All Dogz

We offer day care and canine spa treatments, all from our fully enclosed, welcoming site just outside of Cookham. The second your dog crosses our threshold they become part of the Pawz and Bonez family. Whilst in our care, your dog will: 

  • Burn off some energy during fun playtimes with their new friends.

  • Give their brain a work out with our canine puzzles and games.

  • Be pampered at The Posh Pawz Spa.

  • Relax during a calming indoor naptime.

  • Learn new skills with our agility equipment.

  • Brush up on their training and basic obedience.

  • And so much more!


We love puppies at Pawz and Bonez! We welcome puppies from one week after their second set of vaccinations, usually at about 12-14 weeks of age. Pawz and Bonez doggy day care offers a fantastic way to socialise your puppy, both with new people and new doggy playmates, while allowing them to exercise and play all while you’re at work. We believe that a well socialised dog is a happy dog; our friendly group of Pawz Poochez provide the perfect group of friends for your new puppy. 

Thinking of getting a puppy? We are happy to offer advice on breeds, toilet training, and vets appointments. Get in touch for a chat!

Older Dogz

At Pawz and Bonez we believe that old dogs can learn new tricks, and that includes making new friends at doggy daycare! Although senior dogs may not be quite as playful as younger dogs, they can still benefit, both physically and mentally, from gentle exercise and socialisation.

We even have a dedicated doggy den for our senior pups to curl up in for a quick snooze if they choose. The den also features canine puzzle toys and games to entertain them if they don’t fancy playing fetch with the youngsters. If you would like to come and see what we offer for senior pups, please get in touch today!


Day Care Rates

Contact us for multi-dog discounts and special rates!

Ad hoc care
Part day £25 /day
Full day £35 /day

Monthly contract care
4 hours part day £25 /day
1-2 days per week £31 /day
3-4 days per week £28.50 /day
5 days per week £25 /day