Leah joined the team back in early October after moving over to the UK from New Zealand with her partner and rescue dog Mo, who is a very handsome Ridgeback.

Her passion and heart has always belonged 100% to animals, she has spent most of her adult life working in animal-related roles.

She has studied in the animal field and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, majoring in Animal Management and Animal Welfare.

“Working at Pawz and Bonez, in all honesty, is like not really working at all!”

She loves coming into work each day and getting to spend time with all of the P&B's dogs. She absolutely adores each and every one of them and feels very privileged to have the opportunity to discover all their unique personalities! They forever have her laughing at the silly things they do, constantly have her amazed at how clever they are and always make her smile with their cuddles and slobbery kisses!