We love the variety of doggies that come to Pawz and Bonez. And as every dog is a little different, so are their needs. That’s why we are much more than just a day care. Whether your pooch is after cuddles, a ball chase on the field or playing with other doggies, we got them covered. Our doors are always open and you are welcome to visit our beautiful day care - we will also show you our secure field for hire.

Personal service is at the heart of our ethos. At our day care, we learn about your dog from the moment we first meet them - and then we build the trust with them so they love coming back every time. And we can't wait to see them again too!

If you need a secure area to train your dog, let them drain their energy to their heart’s desire or walk them in calm, safe environment, you will love our field for hire - with its two acres of land available for your private use, regularly or whenever you need it.